Which industries should use what fonts for logo designs?

When leaving out logo symbols and going for a wordmark instead, focusing on the selection of the font is even more crucial. Every typeface has its own character—and finding the right type that has the personality you’d like to convey can be tedious.

Logos for Food & Restaurants: Use a serif when the focus is on homegrown or homemade; using a sans serif means that the focus is on clean and simple.

Logos for Pets: Use serifs for a focus on elegance, use sans serifs for a focus on friendly, ease of use, and basic items. A fun font for pet logos could be this type similar to the Cocomelon font.

Logos for Beauty Salons, Products & Wellness: Use a serif when focus is on a unique experience or custom, personal formula; a sans serif says clean ingredients, simple care line.

Logos for Marketing & Sales: Use a serif when the focus is on high-end marketing or for publishing industries; use a sans serif when you’re aiming for a broad audience.

Logos for Fitness & Wellness: Consider a serif for a personal experience, focus on women, or finer sports; use a sans serif for a broader audience, or a mix of sports.

Logos for Fashion: Use a serif for sophisticated fashion logo or a fashion brand with a historical background; use a sans serif or humanist tyepface for contemporary fashion branding with a broader appeal.

Logos for Finance & Legal: Use a serif font for a classy, more expensive firm; use sans serif for more affordable offerings or a younger audience.

Logos for Crafts: Use serifs when focusing on craftsmanship and personal creations; use sans serifs for focus on modularity and modern pieces.

Logos for Media & Publishing & Communications: Consider a serif for classic book publishing, sophisticated writing services; use sans serif for contemporary publications, affordable writing services, and modern PR.

Logos for Nonprofits & Politics: Use serif fonts for a more sophisticated audience or nonprofits with educational purposes; use sans serif fonts when the focus is on loud and actionable communication.

Logos for Kids: Use serifs for a focus on education, personalized approach, pricier items; use sans serifs for focus on fun, simplicity, and affordability.

Logos for Apps & Tech: Consider serifs for B2B companies whose customers also use serif fonts or apps offering high-end solutions; most often: use sans serifs to show ease of use and approachability.


Khagani Mammadov